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  • Mar0906   Q&A. Counter-Examples. Simplicity. Shamans. Happiness.

  • Mar0306   Revised Website.

  • Feb0206.  TSV Comparisons with Wilber and Spiral Dynamics.

  • Jan1106.   Meditation

  • Nov2205.  The TSV website is finally up




Mar0906 ..Q&A  Counter-Examples. Simplicity. Shamans. Happiness.

So, TSV says Higher Technology drives Higher Spirituality

[To be more explicit, TSV says that a higher technology and higher economics is generally required for a stable and wide-spread higher morality and spirituality. ]

But are there exceptions:


Q1: What about Simplicity?

A1. Simplicity is an idea of upper rational people who have experienced the material plenty of the upper rational and know that it does not bring happiness they yearn for the spiritual and seek it like a monk entering the monastery by making their home and way of living their own temple to their inner divine. While partially valid, there is an element of the Pre/Trans fallacy in this thinking (just like the fundamentalists). 

     Sadly, most of them have not reached the integral stage and are busy condemning all those that do not believe as they do.

Q2. What about the wonderful spirituality of Native Americans

A2. Again this is pre/trans fallacy material.  [see Stages and Insights Insight 5.]  There is tremendous value in Native American and other Shamanic views and techniques that can be used in our movement to the Spiritual.  Just remember that Shamanism was imbedded in the Magic culture stage level that viewed non-members of their tribe as not really human and thus killable, rape-able, and often edible.  The thinking was also very ego-centric magical. While there is tremendous beauty (and truth) in thanking the spirit of the antelope for giving up its flesh to feed the hunter, the same view was applied to the neighboring tribe.  Full and stable spirituality must be based on and transcend the Rational.

[For example in the more advanced Buddhist views, the natural world is a illusion of the mind -- but is also a (magical) manifestation of pure emptiness (the Source) - and therefore sacred. In the Shamanic mind, the natural world is basic and real - as are the spirits that inhabit it.]

            Note that the same pre/trans error of going back to the good old days applies to most fundamentalists as well as the Gaia worshipers.

Q3. But higher technology and economics does not bring greater happiness?  

A3. Well some surveys say it does but only up to about $10,000 or $15,000 per year.  After our basic material need are met, then  happiness in the west seems more related to whether we have more than our neighbor and only then to a small degree.

What about happy satisfied Thailand villagers?

A.  Modern science is now conjecturing that there is a genetic "set-point" for happiness. [Science&Spirit April 2006] - that we return to after any good/bad experience - win the lottery or loose your legs -- we still return to that same "set point" for happiness.  In fact the "right to seek happiness" only started as a concept with the "enlightenment" and the American constitution. Before that folks - especially in the "rules and roles" Mythic society -- were content with their role in life and sought "virtue" or "merit" so they would have a better after life.

    TSV suggests that a society or a person with less "stuff" will usually seek more "stuff" -- until they have sufficient "stuff" to know that more "stuff" does not bring a sense of peace and happiness. It is only then that they search for inner meaning of the spiritual. 

    So TSV agrees that, at some point, higher technology and wealth does not bring greater happiness -- but it triggers the search for the true spiritual.   





BLOG-Mar0306   Revised Website

Revised website ready to go better shows the relationship between the historical stage acceleration of:

  • Exterior technology, economics, politics, and the

  • Interior -  Morals, Spirituality, Cognitive, Drives.

Plan now to send to a few for review, comments.  Then send out more widely in April/May.  

Then look at possible publication.  




BLOG-Feb0206.  TSV Comparisons with Wilber and Spiral Dynamics.

Ken Wilber [ ] is the world's foremost integral philosopher (and the most widely translated American academic author.)   

    The chart  below compares the TSV stages with Ken Wilber's 14 stages and 7 fulcrums (in SES: Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution, 1995 and many other of Ken's twenty plus books.) The only book that deals directly with historical evolution is "Up from Eden" and even there it is hard to find specific historical times that relate to his later stages.

Some of Ken's books include:

    Up from Eden: A Transpersonal View of Human Evolution, 1981

    SES: Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution, 1995,

    A Brief History of Everything, 1996.

    The Essential Ken Wilber: An Introductory Reader, 1998.

    Integral Psychology: Consciousness, Spirit, Psychology, Therapy, 2000.

    Boomeritis: A Novel That Will Set You Free, 2002,


The following chart compares Ken Wilber's stages as expressed in the following books with TSV's. 

Wilber Stages.


TSV Stages.


s1, s2, etc.  "SES" quadrants/levels //&later books
F1, F2, etc.  "History of Everything" p146. ("Integral Psychology." p197.) ["Essential KW" p109.]
//"Up from Eden" various, p180//

[ bya=billion years ago, m=million, k=thousand ]

[Comments on comparison of TSV and Wilber]

s1. Physical. Atoms. Galaxies.

1. Matter.  [ >14bya-5bya] Our universe of matter /energy starts with the big bang 14 bya, but current cosmological theory says the seeds were there earlier.

s2. Molecules. Planets.

[TSV includes this in the matter/physical stage.]

s3. Prokaryotes (simple cells) , irritability.

2. Cells.  [5bya-500mya] The earth cools and microscopic life/cells begin. [Sun/planets at 4.6bya. Life/cells 3.8bya. ]

s4. Eukaryotes, vegetative.

[Complex cells formed  1.8bya - and covered the world with microscopic slime. Included in cell stage.]

s5. Neuronal organisms, sensation.
F1. Sensori-physical. (Physical self) [Sensori-motor.]

3. Animals. [500mya-50mya] "Cambrian explosion" -- complex life (legs, eyes, "brains") forms from the cellular ooze. [Primarily instinct driven.]

[The Cambrian "explosion was at 530bya, All animal phyla by 500mya.]

s6. Neural cord. Perception. Locomotive.

[360bya - insects/land animals - instinct driven.]

s7. Uroboric. Reptilian brain stem. Impulse.

[250bya - first dinosaurs - extensive by 200bya.  Behavior still seems instinctive/primitive compared to mammals. ]   

s8. Typhonic. Limbic system. Emotion.

4. Mammals. [50mya-5mya] A huge meteor 65bya kills off the dinosaurs and gives mammals/sex/"love" a chance to flower. [Emotional/social drives.]

s9. Archaic. Neo-cortex. Symbols. Foraging-tribes.
F2.  Phantastic-emotional. (Emotional self)  [Emotional-sexual.]
//~6mya-200kya Archaic-urobos//.

5. Hominids. [5mya-500kya] Climate change impelled apes to walk upright on the African plains. [Bigger brains, signs/symbols but pre-conceptual]

//~200kya-50kya Lo-typhon. Neanderthal (magic/shamanic)//

6. Archaic humans. [500kya-50kya]  Evolutionary pressure produced big brained hunters that spread over the earth. [early language/signing]

 [The 500,000bc breakpoint needs further exploration.  Scientists are just beginning to understand this critical period of our pysical and psycological evolution.]

s10. Magic. Complex neocortex. Concepts.  Horticultural-tribal/village.
F3. Rep-mind. (Self-concept) [Magic. Egocentric. Narcissistic magical ego can zap enemies, move mountains.]
//~50kya-10kya Hi-typhon. Cro-Magnon (early language). 

~9500bc-4500bc Lo-membership, Great mother, sacrifice, horticulture.//.

7. Magic. [50kya-5kya] The modern human explosion of language, art, and invention. [Current magical tribal or child-like thinking.]

[TSV starts at 50,000bc because the nimble thinking of the modern-human Cro-Magnon's (who changed more from valley to valley and millennium to millennium than the Neanderthals did in 200,000 years) seems "modern" and language driven and could easily lead to horticulture and the moon. ]

s11. Mythic. Conop (concrete-operational thinking). Agrarian-early state/empire.
F4. Rule/role mind. (Role-self) [Mythic. Now mythic gods have the power to zap enemies, move mountains.]

//~4500bc-1500bc Hi-mem. Empires, war, great father

~2500bc-500bc Lo-ego. Emergence of the egoic-self.  ~500bc-1500ad hi-ego.  (Eden p180)//

8. Mythic. [5kya-500ya (or possibly 1650ad)] Agriculture writing-empires. Loves rules and roles. [Current Islam and other fundamentalists world wide.]

s12. Rational. Formop (Formal-operational thinking). Industrial-nation/state.
F5. Formal-reflexive. (Mature ego) [Rational. Birth of scientific attitude, reduced narcissism.]
//~1500ad-present hi-ego.//

9. Rational. [~1650ad - ?2100ad] Printing-science-"age of reason"-democracy-market economy. Maturing from individualistic to pluralistic to a mature integral view [Predominant first world thinking today.]

s13. Centuaric. Vision-logic. Informational-planetary.
F6. Vision-logic. (Centaur) [Embraces differences. Integral-aperspectival. Finds universal pluralism & unity-in-diversity.]

[TSV considers Centaur as the last sub-stage of rational - Integral. Although there are strong elements of spiritual in it. "Essential KW" p66 includes Centaur in the Psychic-spiritual.] 

F7. Psychic. [Beginning of transpersonal or spiritual. Marked by intense mystical union with entire gross realm.  Nature mysticism.]

10. Insight. The first spiritual stage.  Surprisingly, our accelerating technology, economics and morality may allow this stage to begin by roughly 2100ad with an end or "Transition point" of 2150.  [But the mystics say "Time is an illusion." -- so who knows how it will show itself.]

[TSV considers this first spiritual stage as Insight. Paranormal phenomena may or may not occur. Actually we have no real idea how a Spiritual based culture will evolve anymore than Plato could predict a modern global rational culture. ]

F8. Subtle. [Deity mysticism.]

11. Subtle

F9. Causal. [Home of formless unmanifest, pure Emptiness. Root of Witness. Formless

12. Causal

Non-dual. [Union of Form and Emptiness. Home of nondual mysticism.]

?~2100ad The transition point. ? Return to the one/ultimate/non-dual. [But the mystics say "Time is an illusion." -- so who knows how it will show itself.]


Spiral dynamics is a targeted at a business management book (targeted at a business management) by Don Beck and Chris Cowan based on the theory of psychology professor Clare W. Graves. 

Ken Wilber in "Integral Psychology" (Shambhala 2000) on p48-54 describes the Memes and gives the percentages below. These pre-2000 percentages are based on communications between Wilber and Spiral Dynamic's Don Beck according to p229. I basically reduced the early stage percentages to the total was 100%.

These percentages do not add up to 100%. They are repeated in "Boomeritis" (p24) , and I believe in an article Ken wrote (maybe WIE).  Later in "Boomeritis" (p209) he says the Greens are an even higher percentage of the population -- 20% to 25%.







%population (adults)


TSV Stage

1. Beige: Archaic-Instinctual.


From 100,000bc on



6. Archaic (or earlier)

2. Purple: Magical-Animistic

From 50,000bc on.  



7. Magic (early)

3. Red: Power Gods. Egocentric-dominionist.   From 7000bc on.



late Magic, very early Mythic [big man societies]

4. Blue. Conformist Rule. Absolutistic-Obedience Mythic Order purposeful/authoritarian.   From 3000bc on. 



8. Mythic

5. Orange: Scientific Achievement, Multiplistic-strategic.   From 1700ad on



9a. Rational-Individualistic

6. Green:  The Sensitive Self. Relativistic-Personalistic communitarian/egalitarian.  

From 1850ad on



9b. Rational-Pluralistic

7. Yellow: Integrative

     From 1950s on.   &
8. Turquoise: Holistic (2nd tier)



9c. Rational-Integral






The Table below is from Wikopedia - on Integral Dynamics. 

Beige: Archaic-Instinctive survivalistic/automatic/reflexological   From 100,000 BC on.  "Express self to meet imperative physiological needs through instincts of Homo sapiens."

Purple: Animistic-Tribalistic Magical-Animistic.   From 50,000 BC on.   "Sacrifice to the ways of the elders and customs as one subsumed in group."

Red: Egocentric-Exploitive Power Gods/dominionist.   From 7000 BC on.   "Express self (impulsively) for what self desires without guilt and to avoid shame."

Blue: Absolutistic-Obedience Mythic Order purposeful/authoritarian.   From 3000 BC on.  "Sacrifice self for reward to come through obedience to rightful authority in purposeful Way."

Orange: Multiplistic-Achievist Scientific/strategic.   From 1700 AD on (as early as 600 AD according to Graves and Calhoun).  "Express self (calculatedly) to reach goals and objectives without rousing the ire of important others."

Green: Relativistic-Personalistic communitarian/egalitarian.   From 1850 AD on (surged in early 20th century).   "Sacrifice self interest now in order to gain acceptance and group harmony."

Yellow: Systemic-integrative.   from 1950s on.   "Express self for what self desires, but to avoid harm to others and so that all life, not just own life, will benefit."

Turquoise: Holistic.   From 1970s on.   A sacrifice self-interest system which is still forming.

Coral.   The open-ended theory suggests many more systems to come





BLOG Jan1106 Meditation

. email to friend ...... . . . . . . . .

I spent the first three weeks of December in a hundred year old log cabin in the Sangre de Christo Mountains on an individual retreat. It got down to minus twenty but the cabin was cozy and I was not deterred from my daily meditation routine, or climbing for two hours each day up the ridge behind me -- or using the outhouse (a tea kettle of boiling water helps when its below zero.)


 What is meditation all about - you ask? 

 Western science has done an incredible job of using the mind to examine the objective outside world and to predict how X will happen if you do Y.  But science in general does not examine the subjective internal thinking and feeling process that creates my sense of ME - who I am. Meditation techniques can do that and much more. 


1. Meditation techniques can: Calm and still our hyperactive minds.  Breath or mantra meditation - or simply contemplating and relaxing into the peace of a sunset allows us to let go of the stresses of the day.  When we let go of all the internal self talk yapping we can much better focus our minds.


2. Meditation techniques can: Focus our minds -- on study -- on our lover -- on an athletic event.  Meditation is an excellent alternative or adjunct to drugs for hyperactive kids. 


3. Meditation techniques can: Allow us to  examine our thought processes - our internal talk, our internally generated images, our internally generated body sensations and feeling -- the things that my teacher, Shinzen says make up our sense of who we are - our habitual egoic patterns -- and to see that those patterns our not fixed -- not a "thing", but a marvelous and ever changing pattern of Nature. Allowing these patterns to flow rather than resisting (as when we have a painful damaged body or a damaged ego) can greatly reduce our effective sense of suffering.


4. Meditation techniques can: Allow us to really experience - to know at an experiential level - that we are not separate little egos packaged in separate little bags of skin and bone -- but are all part of a vast and natural and integrated expression of Nature (or God, or the Source, or ..)   This enlightening experience or realization brings us peace. It also makes us naturally compassionate to all other people - since they and I are not separate but one -- and we naturally work to bring this sense of peace and realization to all others.  For me to bring peace and joy to the world I must be in joyous peace myself.  [This is why AA works - one recovered drunk shares his experience with another.  Sanctimonious lectures do not work.] 

So that's my lecture for the day.  Check out my new website:




BLOG Nov2205. The TSV website is finally up with the help of  recent  MIT grad.

    The plan is to send the TSV address out to a few friends for suggestions while I am on retreat in a DKD cabin in the high Colorado Rockies doing shamatha, Shinzen, and Shambhala Ngondro.

   Then after Christmas, to polish and publish. Then look at articles, networking, and more research.

   God Bless you all in this Holiday Season. May the magical sparkle of the ordinary fill your life.