2005 Activities

  • Consolidate Twelve Stage Vision theory and write basic document

  • Develop initial web site and review with interested parties. 


      2006 Activities

  • Incorporate suggestions and distribute TSV more generally.

  • Develop network of supporters and participants who will help with subsequent projects.

  • Incorporate TSV organization as a non-profit.

  • Research more deeply into validity of TSV and its stages.

  • Write/publish related articles for magazines.

      2007 Activities

  • TSV conference.

  • TSV Book

  • TSV as a secondary or college course -- TSV provides a holistic meaningful framework for teaching kids math/physics/biology/ etc.


To contact TSV, please send an email to:


info@TwelveStageVision.com for more information,  or


CarterSmith@TwelveStageVision.com for direct communication with the author.